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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Welcome to my weight loss/fitness blog. This is where "Un-Fat and Fitter" all began.

On the 24th July 2020 I weighed 238lbs with 33% Body Fat, according to my bathroom scales. 1lb away from being as big as Homer Simpson. It was time to make some changes.

When I created this website, and indeed the Twitter account which supports it, I had no intention of exploring ‘health twitter’ or blogging about weight loss in any way. I created my media presence, for the most part, to improve my writing. In recent years, health and longevity have dominated my thoughts, and once I reached my forties, I thought it high time I began to look after myself. As my health is taking up such a large part of my head space, I thought it would be a great idea to include it as a blog post.

Since creating the original blog post, which until recently I updated each week, Un-Fat and Fitter has grown arms and legs. First there was a Twitter account, then a Facebook page and now an Instagram presence too.

All of these accounts exist for two reasons: Firstly, to hold me to account! Helping to motivate me and hold me to my health and fitness goals. Secondly, to help inspire others too.

You can also find this ever growing social media presence here...

Facebook: @UnFatFitter

Twitter: @UnFatFitter Instagram: @UnFatFitter

I’m not a doctor, not a nutritionist and I’m certainly no trainer, what I am is an ordinary guy. Like many ordinary people, I’ve yo-yoed my way through periods of good health, to periods of lethargy and fatness.

Un-Fat and Fitter is what I'm doing to improve my health and fitness. Following what I'm doing, is entirely up to you.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about Un-Fat and Fitter, by copying a web link into Twitter and Tweeting @UnFatFitter. That way we can discuss openly any points you might wish to make.

This is a very bold and honestly terrifying thing for me to share with the whacky world of social media. Particularly the picture you see below. I took this photo in July 2020, I’d recently rediscovered the shorts I’m wearing in the picture. There is quite an endearing story behind that particular pair of shorts, which I’ll share once I fit back into them. But for now, suffice to say, I used to wear a belt with those shorts! These days, I’m busting out of them like Steve McQueen busting out of Stalag Luft III. This is what prompted my visit to the bathroom scales, which in turn led to the shock that I’d hit 238lb and 33% body fat.

Ouch, that’s 17 stones and only 1lb away from the famous scene in the Simpson’s, where Homer spurts out his mouthwash and exclaims, “Oh no! 239 pounds, I’m a whale. Why was I cursed with this weakness for snack treats?” You and me both Homer, you and me both!

So, here is what I intend to do about it…

Intermittent fasting 16:8 (Breakfast 09:00, Lunch 13:00, Dinner 17:00).

Lower carb intake. Ideally, eat food that is 15g of carbs per 100g or less. Fruit is an exception. This is purely to avoid eating processed sugar. It's a simple rule to follow which, providing I make healthy satiating choices, will naturally promote a calorie deficit.

2 liters of water per day – this is excluding tea and coffee; they count as extra liquid.

8 hours of sleep in any 24hr period.

Resistance training in the gym. Focusing on compound movements and progressive overload. A little cardio here and there too.

Improve time over a 1.5-mile run. Aim to achieve a minimum time of 13 minutes 02 seconds.

12,000 steps per day, every day, minimum.

You might think these points are a little strange, but my rational behind them can be seen by following the social media links above. Alternatively, Tweet and ask.

Cover picture courtesy of Pixabay user: Lilly Cantabile - Many Thanks Lilly

Like, follow, subscribe, share, you know the drill. Thank You.


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